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Geometry - Meaning of Dream

If you read or solve some geometric tasks, it is a harbinger of headache in real life.

A dreaming as if you just can’t solve the task portends encountering with a lot of troubles, which you will have to solve alone.

Geometric shapes: circle in a dream is a symbol of eternity (inner enlightenment). If you wander by the circle without walking out, it warns of danger from obsessive compulsive ideas.

Triangle is a symbol of happiness; square is unexpected solution of difficulties. If you draw it – you will restore order in present affairs.

Five-pointed star is your lucky star; it portends health and the mysteries of magic.

Six-pointed star bodes painful test in life (your fatal star).

To learn more about all geometrical shapes, read further.

The number of sides of a geometrical figure is as important as its color. Geometric shapes, like numbers in a dream always have a symbolic meaning, which can be interpreted in different ways.

A dreamer more often doesn’t see geometric figures of even shapes. Most of the objects surrounding us often have three basic shapes: circle, square or triangle.

A triangle is as a symbol of the spiritual realm, the dialectic form of thinking in thesis. If directed down, a triangle symbolizes feminine nature, while triangle pointing upwards is a male archetype.

A pentagon in a dream indicates male harmony. In pentagram all lines intersect at the "golden angle", symbolizing thereby the inner harmony of a person.

A cross is a symbol of order. This figure represents the four cardinal points, and the center of the cross is considered by many as the source of significant fifth force.

A mandala or any perfectly symmetrical figure, according to G.Yung appears as a positive symbol. He points out, that a dreamer is on own way to individual development, which gives him/her strength and makes the life more harmonious.

A point represents something special and single.

A square appears in dreams quite often, although in most cases in a dream we do not pay attention to it, because while sleeping we usually do not particularly pay attention to the geometric shapes. In times of the Greek philosopher Plato, a square was considered as a symbol of the Earth, and hence the body. Four right angles of a square symbolize the static strength of the Earth.

A rectangle is also seen as a symbol of matter and earthly realities with its corners and vertices.

A hexagon is a symbol of harmony and connection. Hexagon symbolizes the union of male and female, because it consists of two triangles facing each other.

A crescent symbolizes the mysterious feminine power, intuitive and not always rational.

An oval represents the feminine principle in general. Sometimes it is presented in the form of holy radiance (halo) around the heads of saints.

A cube represents the earthly realm as the opposite to heaven. Square within a circle symbolizes the establishment.

A diamond is a symbol that a dreamer has a choice between large and small abilities.

A spiral is the perfect way for evolution. Everything is in constant motion, constantly growing.

A star as a rule symbolizes the hopes, aspirations and ideals of a dreamer.