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Georgia - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of Georgia on fire hints you to look closely at your surroundings, since not all your friends agree with you in some questions, so you have to be more careful in your statements and try to talk about neutral topics.

Also this dream might portend turmoil that will soon happen in this country. Often you can see not only Georgia, but also the residents of this country and it predicts your acquaintance with Caucasians.

If a person talks with a Georgian, in reality he/she will travel to Georgia on a business trip. Georgians can often be a harbinger of deception.

Boarding the plane which flies to Georgia foretells that in reality you will never visit it.

Georgia is a beautiful country, and there is nothing unusual if you see it in a dream. This symbol has several interpretations, which depend directly on the story of a dream.

Dreaming of Georgia portends that you will face unusual phenomena, which you should pay close attention to, because then you'll find the answer for many questions. In this case, you should rely on own intuition, otherwise it will remain in ignorance.

If you go to this country by train, your boss will send you on a long trip with a very important mission, which you will not perform because of some circumstances. However, your management will understand you and will not deprive you of the award, and quip.

Miller dream book foreshadows trip abroad; and Hasse foretells a new friend, who will have a terrible accent.

Modern dream book advises not to take hasty decisions. The dream warns you of the dangers, therefore you need to be more careful; so you can protect yourself and find someone whom you can trust.

Also, this dream promises a trip to this country, which will be very good and will cause pleasant memories.