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Get lost - Meaning of Dream

A dream as if you get lost in the city portends important challenges in real life. If you try to find the necessary street but you don’t see the right road, in reality you risk encountering failures in the previously-planned business.

If you get lost in the city but there is no desire to look for the way out, this dream says that in reality you feel remorse because of own negative emotions.

If a woman got lost in the city, it indicates her fear to be in public places and go out of the house. Thus, it is vital to adapt to the big city because the situation may end up in loneliness.

A dreaming about a child who got lost warns of insistent need to take control over the education of the children; or else the situation will have the unfortunate consequences. If you dream of a child in unknown city, it indicates a slight fear of something.

If a man sees himself in a strange unfamiliar place, it foretells that very soon he will have to choose between two dearest people.

A stranger who is lost asks for your help, such a dream portends foreseeable lucrative offer.

If a woman got lost with a child, this is a herald of favorable news from a far relative.

If a dream is lost in an unfamiliar area, this dream foretells failure and loss of memory.

Go where you want to go to sleep and find the right road to achieve the desired portends prosperity.

If you get confused and do not see the right road, it heralds the opportunity to encounter a difficult situation and not to solve it. Thus, it is significant not to be involved in dubious affairs.

If you can’t find the correct direction for a long time, it foretells big mistakes and miscalculation.

Wandering in the woods in search of the road, indicates dreamer’s fear of own future. The reason for that is his/her surrounding constantly reminding about the hard work, which is the key for successful future. In fact, there are too many pessimistic people around a dreamer, and he/she gets under their negative influence.

Being lost in the city states that the freedom-loving person feels uncomfortable in an urban surrounding, and he/she even fears of going out.

If you got lost in the maze, in reality you need to solve a very difficult task, on which you might spend all your time and effort. However, when it is done, the person can feel like a real winner.

In case a dreamer is lost in a huge strange house, in reality he/she will get acquainted with a person who would cause a great doubt.

Furthermore, getting lost is just a reflection of a bad mood and is a sign of impending depression.