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Geyser - Meaning of Dream

If you see geyser in a dream, it foretells that someone who has long concealed his feelings or restrain his anger, soon will “show all cards" and will express all that he thinks about people around; it may be that this role will be yours.

Geyser, seen in a dream, bodes quarrels with relatives. The appearance of misunderstanding will be completely your fault, at some point you succumb to your mood and demonstrate your accumulated anger to the closest people. In the future, you will have to find a way out of an ambiguous situation. You relationship will depend on whether you resolve this conflict successfully or not. It is possible that the relations will get messed up for a long time. This dream can be seen as a warning that comes from your subconscious. To avoid the consequences of the above mentioned, you should control your emotions.

Moreover, the consequences will be more important than a scandal itself - the silent confrontation between you and the family threatens to last for a long time. To avoid this, try to control yourself and do not show your bad mood towards people completely uninvolved in this.

If you see a geyser, it indicates that in life you are not a shy person. You do not see anything wrong to say openly about your feelings and desires to your partner, so he/she appreciates your candor.

Geyser in Freud's dream book is evidence that in real life you are a relaxed person. You do not have any complexes. This applies to the sexual sphere. Thanks to your inner freedom, you always talk about your sexual desires and do not see anything wrong with that. In addition you have the habit of talking aloud about some things that others keep to themselves. This behavior is highly valued by your partners, they are strongly excited, and experience a real pleasure.