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Giant - Meaning of Dream

If you saw a dream with a giant, it indicates your persistent search for wealthy and influential patronage. A giant who summons you to fight predicts that you will have strong and formidable opponents in real life. In order to defeat them, set aside all personal affairs and immediately begin to develop tactics of the battle, it will help you successfully deflect enemy attacks. Look around and you will see a lot of good people next to you who will give you help and support.

If a giant appeared suddenly next to you, such a dream is a warning: you should prepare for the machinations of enemies. Giant stopped you - unfortunately, you will lose the battle; fled - a good sign heralding your victory over enemies. If a giant spoke to you very rudely, then someone will hurt your pride and you might be painfully humiliated. Sometimes such a dream can predict frail and weak offspring.

In Freud’s dream book, if you see yourself as a giant, it indicates that you follow only own desires in relationships. You really love yourself and you think that your partner should cherish you. You should stop behaving this way, learn to feel the partner, otherwise you will be alone.

A Giant - "Man-Mountain", a huge anthropomorphic fairytale creature means fear, often unreasonable and false; very significant changes in life of a dreamer and influence on him/her.

To be a giant in the dream means a mental health crisis, big ego, mania, obsession, mental illness.

To see a giant sit and work means to succeed in business.

If a giant threatens you, it means that misfortune and bad slander will haunt you.