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Gigolo - Meaning of Dream

This word takes its roots from French men’s name. Such name was given to people who earn their living with the means of prostitution in places masked under dance halls. More often the visitors of such halls were old ladies. Gigolos were their lovers, receiving good money from those ladies.

Therefore, presence of gigolo in your dream means that you get used to take everything from life. But you never fight for something for very long time. This dream signals of your aspiration in different spheres of life. You like to enjoy every single moment in life. If something interesting passes you by, you get upset a lot. That is why you overtake all possible tricks in order to reach your goal. But when you finally get something, you stop appreciating it. And you move forward, according to your heart.

This dream is a reflection of your character and also a result of some recent events, which changed your state. You might leave your previous place of work and be happy with all changes which happen in your life.

For people, who don’t pay too much attention to their lives such a dream means that they need to change their views towards rest and entertainment. There is a need to spend more time for relaxation and self-care.