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Gills - Meaning of Dream

To see gills in your dream is mostly an unfavorable sign. It denotes that you will have to deal with a person who distinguishes himself/herself as an impudent and stubborn one. Maybe, it is about your boss or a colleague. In the long run, you will be just a pawn in this person’s hands; he/she will use you to gain his/her aims (sometimes, even selfish ones). He/she will stop at nothing. Certainly! Why not, if you know for sure that you will manage to come off with a whole skin. However, the fortune of this person’s partners is vague. If you are one of them, you may suffer material losses which will be reflected on your welfare, but somebody will get rich on your troubles and efforts. Remember that nobody will stand up for you. If you aren’t satisfied with such an attitude, go ahead!

Gills of a fish in a dream forebode some difficulties with a state of health. It can concern both your and your relatives’ health condition. So, take this sign as a warning. Be more attentive to the changes in your organism, if any, because they can be a signal of some disease which is always better to start treating as early as possible.

If you have been cutting a fish and removing its gills in a dream, it implies that you will leave behind a series of misfortunes that was haunting you for long. You will overcome all difficulties on your way quickly and easily and be successful in all your beginnings. Use good fortune with benefits for yourself.

Having being served a fish with gills at a restaurant or café represents that your joy and good mood can be overshadowed by some trouble in the nearest future. That’s why you shouldn’t be totally immersed into gaiety. Beware of some unpleasant surprises.