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Gin - Meaning of Dream

In the understanding of a regular person, gin is the same as vodka, but in the distillation of wheat alcohol they add Juniper, which gives a distinctive taste and aroma to a drink. If you dream as if you drink gin, it is possible that you might perform bad actions, or get involved a bad deal.

If a man dreams of gin, he has to be ready to meet with the beautiful girl having great hostess qualities, ability to create comfort and order in the house.

Sometimes people themselves are the main characters of a dream, sometimes dreams are sketchy and unclear, sometimes – they are colorful movies. But, no matter what we saw, in the morning everyone is tormented by the question of its meaning.

If a woman dreams of gin, in foreseeable future she will experience the manifestation of numerous courtesies from opposite sex. There is no exact answer to the question about dream meaning. Seeing the dreams is the norm of our life. Dreams are vivid reflection of everyday life. It is proved that some dreams can be prophetic; some carry a special meaning for the next event in a person's life.

In the world there are many dream books, where you can find the meaning of virtually all dreams. For example, if you dreamed of gin, it is good to recall how the drink looked like.

A dream, where you drink gin in a big company, portends that in the near future you will visit the magnificent celebration. It can be a weddings and anniversary, or large corporate banquet. In any case, you have a great chance to socialize, have fun and just go out, fun is guaranteed.

If you drank gin in a company of animals, most likely you will meet your old friends.

Whatever the situation with gin will be in your dream, the most important is that you will have changes in life, often in private, and for better. You might meet your soul mate and your whole life will change, it will have new colors, emotions, and impressions.

If you drink gin straight up, you are likely to make rash decisions. But gin with tonic, bodes the improvement in affairs.