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Giraffe - Meaning of Dream

Generally, a giraffe in your dreams symbolizes welfare and happiness. But there are some shadows of the meaning.

If you’re seeing a giraffe in your dream, it signifies that at this moment you aren’t able to make your dreams and plans come true. Some more time and efforts are needed to reach your goals. Don’t hang down your head! There is no a prediction that you’ll never ever achieve what you want. It just means that your wishes realization will be postponed a little. Continue working! You move in a right direction.

An image of a giraffe in your dream may also stand for the fact that you’re very tired of your current life, that’s why there is no progress. What you need is changes. Any changes. They can be both material and immaterial. For example, moving to another flat/house, switching a job, buying something you’ve always craved for; or going for a journey, experiencing new emotions, filling the lacunas in your knowledge, striking up new acquaintances with interesting people, entering relationships and experiencing love. Just don’t let your life stay at one and the same point too long.

If you’re seeing a giraffe in the open air, this sign is unfavorable for you. Your partner doesn’t feel the same about you as you do toward him/her. That’s why soon you’ll find out that he/she is unfaithful to you. You may be depressed for some time, but later you’ll understand that he/she isn’t worthy of your love and calm down.

Seeing a giraffe that is bowing its head is a good luck. There is a person who isn’t well-disposed toward you and so are you. But there’ll appear a situation in which this person will throw you a lifeline. You couldn’t even count on his/her help that’s why it’ll be a great surprise for you. Such a dream is a sign for you to change your attitude to people. Don’t make hasty conclusions about them before getting to know them well. As you can see, they may not justify your expectations (in a good sense!) It may explain not only your attitude to people, but your attitude to yourself though. Think, aren’t you too faultfinding and hypercritical? These traits of character are positive and useful for a person only, if he/she doesn’t get stuck on them.

If in your dream you’re riding a giraffe, it means that you are self-centered. Paying attention to nobody but yourself you are ready to break up the relations even with your best friends. You’ll regret about such behavior for sure, but it’ll be too late. Don’t burn bridges behind you. Besides that you offend and hurt people who care about, there also won’t be anybody to help you, if there is such a need.

Caressing a giraffe in a dream is a good sign, which forebodes a lot of interesting and merry events.

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