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Girl - Meaning of Dream

A girl is a quite versatile dream. If parents see their daughter happy it portends that everything will be fine. In upcoming future you will face events that will have a positive impact on a child’s development.

If a girl is sick in your dream, it foretells that in the future she will be ok.

Playing with a girl some sort of a game foretells that soon you will receive unexpected news. If a girl is sad, the news will disappoint you and make a little jittery.

But if the girl is smiling and cheerful - you can be ready to get good news that will please and surprise you.

If you see a bathing girl in the water who has fun, it forebodes that it is time to implement all your plans, because it will give significant positive results.

In case a girl is sad while swimming in the water, it's better to pay more attention to your loved ones, because a dream shows that you pay too little attention to them.

Holding a girl in your hands may indicate that soon there might be difficulties in your life that interfere the achievement of goals. But if a girl is smiling and happy, then you will overcome obstacles easily and effortlessly.

If a girl is suffering from the heat, temperature, or she is sick, it is a reflection of your inner world that will change soon. You'll be tormented by something, waver and will not be able to make the decision.

If a married woman sees the birth of a girl, she should be ready for a pleasant event in life, as this dream symbolizes joy and good news.

For a young lady, it is worth to pay attention to own actions. It is possible that in the foreseeable future, her behavior can cause significant difficulties, which adversely affect her reputation.

To feed a girl is a harbinger of success in all started affairs. Breast feeding symbolizes pleasant acquaintance.