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Give - Meaning of Dream

If you give something to someone in a dream, it often portends a very big change in life in general. These changes will affect the most diverse spheres of life of a dreamer, and will bring something good, or something that will eventually become good.

If you give keys to someone, this dream tells that in real life you do not have anyone to rely on, so subconsciously you would like to have a partner, companion, friend and associate, whom you can trust.

If you give money (in the meaning repay debt) it is a very positive prediction. After this dream soon you will have the opportunity to solve all the financial difficulties and improve your welfare.

At the same time giving whatsoever foretells willingness to sacrifice, the desire to open up to others, desire for liberation, and wish to get rid of something or share something.

You should be especially careful if your subconscious shows willingness to share with someone, to have a friend and associate, as you should not rush, because it can lead to very negative consequences. The desire to be free from stress and fatigue as well does not come from nowhere, and can push a person to rash acts.

If you dream that you give something gladly, and willingly share, it indicates your readiness to share knowledge and experience with others. Most importantly, this knowledge can’t be used by anybody against you.

To give money (in the meaning of lending) means a willingness to pay off, or get rid of something that was already boring.

If you give an advice but nobody listens to it, this dream is a bad sign meaning that the situation is absolutely not the same as it might seem. It is possible that someone keeps you on a string.

If you give something unnecessary, disturbing, tiresome, and a person whom you give it is happy, this dream is a good sign meaning positive changes in life, instead of the old you will receive something new.

But if you give something important and valuable, this dream does not promise anything good.

If you give something and get a beautiful thing instead, it tells that business will improve, and you will receive significant income.

If someone asks you to give a thing which you need, it is a warning. You will have a whole series of entertainment, which will be very difficult to deny, but as a result you might experience losses.

If you dream that you gave something and then want to take it back, it signals of a test which will be difficult to overcome.

To give clothes is not a good sign, and can be treated as a deprivation of support from influential people, and denial from friendly sympathy. If you give shoes in a dream, it bodes that you will break up with your loved one because of insuperable obstacle or circumstances.

Giving alms is always a good sign. But if somebody gives you something and you don’t accept it, this dream means that you don’t trust this person in real life. It is not necessary to share intimate things with him/her, until the relationships improve.