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Gladiator - Meaning of Dream

If you watch the battle of gladiators in your dream or take part in it, this dream is some kind of a clue, maybe someone is having fun by pulling you into a senseless conflict. You will not get anything of it, only bad mood, but that person will get benefit of your depressed state. Be careful, with people you don’t know well.

If you see that you became a gladiator, and you see the sword in front of your face, it is a sign of losses or fraud.

To see gladiators and communicate with them or praise them after the battle portends heavy straitened circumstances. You might not know how to behave in certain situation, but soon you will receive the clue and the solution of the situation.

Gladiator in a dream is a sign of great worries and suffering. Nevertheless, your experience will help you to stabilize your condition and reach peace of mind.

If you see a defeated gladiator and you can’t do anything in order to help him, it means that your Herculean efforts are useless, and Napoleon's plans are doomed to failure. Maybe, it is better to review own values and set the golden mean in all affairs.

Gladiator in a dream sometimes represents a person who is always ready to rush into a dangerous adventure or defend the honor of a loved one not sparing own life.