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Gladiolus - Meaning of Dream

Gladiolus is a very positive sign and it can have many meanings, which depend on other elements of a dream. That's why before interpreting we must try to recall the dream completely.

Dreaming of a gladiolus foretells a holiday or celebration where a dreamer will meet old friends. He/she will be able to have a good time and show own talents, as a result he/she will deserve the attention and admiration of guest’s presence.

If you see a gladiolus in a huge vase on a gilded table, it is a symbol of acquisition of expensive real estate. If a gladiolus suddenly wilted in a dream, it tells that you will have to hypothecate your flat due to financial problems, but the situation will soon be resolved, so do not be sad and nervous.

White flowers of gladiolus in a dream portend good health for a dreamer, and there is no disease at present time which can affect him/her. Also this dream might bode success in business; perhaps the boss will praise a dreamer at the general meeting, and will set him/her up as an example to other staff.

Pink gladiolus in a dream is a harbinger of success with the opposite sex. For a married lady, this dream promises harmony in personal life and achievement of absolute understanding with her husband.

Red gladiolus previses a dreamer from doing unexpected deeds, but if they were in gold packaging – it tells that a dreamer’s absurd decision will bring him/her a huge profit.

If these flowers grow in a garden or on a flower-bed, it portends that a person will reach success in own career, but it will not prevent him from becoming a good and attentive husband, and be a pride of own wife.

To present a bouquet of gladiolus to your relative portends that in reality you will help him/her to solve problems, and it will take a lot of time and money, so you need to show patience.

To receive a bouquet of gladiolus signifies that people around you will recognize your dignity. Also, such a dream can bode an unexpected gift.

If you buy gladiolus in a market, it foreshadows that you will organize a holiday, which will bring together all VIPs, and there will be no time to relax.

If a girl presents you a gladiolus and wishes success, it is a harbinger of a new romance; although it won’t last for long, yet it will leave you pleasant memories.

If a dreamer gives a flower to a young woman, in real life, he will fall in love with a new acquaintance, and even propose her, but she will refuse.