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Glass - Meaning of Dream


If you dream of a broken glass, as any other broken crockery, it portends some troubles. Basically, it's not that scary. It is worse to break a mirror in a dream. Therefore, if a person accidentally breaks a glass in a dream, it is not worth to be upset too much, because nothing terrible will happen in reality.

Many people look for the interpretations of the dream book by Simon the Zealot. This is not surprising, because predictions are accurate enough there. In his dream book says that if you break a glass of water, then in real life a fear will come over you. Perhaps someone of the closest people will leave, and you will have a fear that they will not come back from the trip.

If a girl breaks a glass, then she will be alone for a long time. Well, if a boy breaks a glass, then soon he will find out who spreads bad rumors about him. For a sick person this dream foretells a rapid recovery.

It is very important to pay attention to the fragments, which are left after breaking the glass. If they are small and there are plenty of them, it means that you will receive a lot of news, but not very important. But if a glass broke into two large fragments, soon you will have to make a serious choice.

If you check the nobility dream book of interpretations by N. Grishina, you will see that broken glass in a dream is unfortunate sign. If there was some liquid, in real life you will have to cope with nasty rumors about you. Broken glass is a bad sign for a pregnant woman. If she accidentally touched the glass, and it fell and broke, then her child will be seriously ill.

However, if you break something in purpose it is a fortunate sign. In the dream book Grishina tells that this dream foretells victory over your rivals and competitors.

Some dream interpreters believe that broken glass foretells news that will surprise the dreamer. News can be both bad and good. Therefore, you should only hope for better. But according to the dream book, the worst meaning of such dream is predicted for a girl who has relationship with a young man. This sign heralds the pain of separation. If a young man sees such dream, it portends him some loss.

It is also necessary to remember the day and month when you had such dream, and check with a lunar calendar, as it is believed to have very accurate information.

Glass is a symbol of change. Often, such object reflects the relationship between people, which means that changes will happen in personal or family life.

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