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Globe - Meaning of Dream

Globe in a dream is a positive symbol that heralds an interesting travel and meeting with new people. Also it can represent a dreamer’s desire to visit certain country. If a dreamer spins a globe in his/her hands, choosing a place where to rest, then in real life he/she will go there. But if someone takes it away from you, it is possible that your dreams will not come true.

If you buy a globe, it portends that you will meet new people who will become your close friends very soon. If you give a globe to someone – it foretells loss; to present – portends a travel to distant lands with beloved one.

If you see a globe with no countries on it, in reality you will not have money to go on a planned vacation. Also, such a dream may indicate that a person really wants to travel around the world, but he/she has neither time nor financial resources. Nevertheless, he/she still has some hope about upcoming travel.

If a young woman looks at a globe, this dream foretells a rich admirer, who will lose his head because of her. He will conquer her with expensive gifts and may invite to a world tour, which will be a new revolution in the relationship.

If you see that mice eat a globe, in reality you will set limits on spending money and will forget about vacation for a few years. This dream foretells you financial difficulties which can’t be resolved in foreseeable future.

If a dreamer is studying geography on the globe, it signifies that he/she wants to change the address/place of living, but he/she does not know where to go, because he/she fears that the problems will not disappear after that.

When a bride and groom are holding a globe, and choosing where they want to go on their honeymoon, it tells that in reality their plans are doomed to fail. Not only they will stay at home, but also they won’t get married, because of ugly truth which will emerge at the last moment.

If a woman buys a globe for her son, it tells that soon they will be separated, because he will go abroad to study.

Globe in a dream is usually associated with a variety of travel, therefore this symbol is rarely considered to be negative. Yet, there are exceptions to the rule, for example: if a globe is burn in fire, it portends that a dreamer will be fired from work. Also, such a dream may indicate a big fight in the country, which the dreamer is going to; therefore it is better to postpone the trip or to go to a completely different part of the world.

Children playing football with a globe foretell that in reality you will be disappointed by the cancellation of the trip. And if a globe was torn during the game, it foretells that a dreamer will not be able to go on vacation for a long time.

If you draw something on a globe, it is a harbinger of happy events, perhaps you will win a prize or vacation in an exotic country.