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Glue - Meaning of Dream

For a young dreamer, to see glue in a dream means to fight back the obsessive courtship of a new admirer. Unfortunately, it will be hard to avoid this person’s company; therefore such unpleasant attention will upset the dreamer.

If the glue stained your clothing or hands, it indicates that in reality you will have to make some efforts to get rid of the tiresome friends. If you cooked the glue in accordance with the recipe, it portends that you will face unexpected trouble or worry. It is possible that in the near future will have to repair some of your important household appliance.

If you observed a bottle of glue, standing on the table, the dream book states that you will soon become the owner of a fairly large state. It should be noted that this news will be a complete surprise for you. The dried glue in a tube portends rupture of relations with a partner due to alienation of affections.

If you accidentally spilled glue, it tells that you are threaten with serious troubles, and in order to cope with them you will need to resort the support and help of friends and relatives.

If you covered any surface with the glue, be very attentive - it seems that there is an insincere and deceitful person among your friends, who appreciates material values more than spiritual relationship.

If you saw rather unusual dream in which you tightly stuck against the wall, this is a favorable sign that promises a prestigious job with a decent salary. It is important to persistently move towards the target, and only then the respect and success will be achieved.

In Miller’s interpretation, the glue is also the sign of happy ownership of a large fortune. All the rest interpretations of the dream such as: dried glue, spilled glue, soiled with glue, cooked glue – are the same as in modern dream book.

If you glued envelopes, this dream states that in reality you try to obtain the support of a wealthy and influential man.