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Go - Meaning of Dream

If you’re going somewhere or somebody else is doing it in your dream, it can be interpreted differently. Everything depends on the pace, doer and destination.

If you’re going quickly, it is a favorable sign. It presages runaway success in something you work at now. You’ll gain a cherished aim soon. You’ll have to overcome some obstacles on your way though. Don’t hang your head down. Nothing comes out of the blue. To gain even the most moderate victory, you have to make great efforts and become rather experienced. What makes us experienced? Our failures. While we’re looking for a way to correct everything, we get invaluable knowledge and get into a good training. Nobody is safe from mistakes.

A dream in which you’re going slowly or stepping back has an opposite meaning comparing to the previous one. It betokens misfortunes and troubles. Such an image reflects your diffidence. Evidently, you’re a person for whom it is better to give some affair up than to carry it out if you are confronted by some difficulties. You’ll hardly achieve anything in your life with such an attitude. Of course, there are situations when you don’t have another choice but to turn. However, in the most of them you have to push your way through. Develop corresponding traits of character if you want to stop at nothing.

If you’re following a path in your dream, it denotes that the burden of responsibilities you carry oppresses you. Each day is like a previous one. You are tired and indifferent. You must diversify your life immediately. Find the way to make a routine work more vivid and exciting. Also, it is always very useful to change surroundings to distract yourself and arrange your thoughts. You need to have a rest somewhere far from your home. Don’t forget that this mundane can cause a depression and serious conflicts which can lead your family to parting. Do your best to save the harmony in your family.

Crossing a bridge in your dream suggests that due to some circumstances you are at the crossroads. Maybe, you don’t want to accept unwanted changes in your life or to make your mind up to the fact that now you play another role either at work or in a family. It can be that you hesitate about some important decision you should make.

If you’re going through a swamp in your dream, it refers to some difficulties in the nearest future. You’ll have to be decisive to cast them away. If it is not a swamp, but water, it stands for huge success.

Walking on thin ice literally in your dream has a figurative meaning in reality. You’ll be involved in a rather risky affair. You’ll understand it clearly, although you won’t be able to resist a temptation. You’ll obligatory pay for your carelessness sooner or later. But in general, you’ll escape with life and limb.