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Goal (sport) - Meaning of Dream

Quite differently is interpreted a dream about a goal, where a person has missed. This means that a chance that a person will get in the real life will be missed. A dreamer will take the wrong decision, and therefore step on a wrong path.

Thus, to avoid errors in reality, this person will have to avoid participation in important events, and express own opinion less. A dreamer should stay passive for some time. If you see such dream you should not lead or manage projects, it is necessary to lay low.

For young and single people, a dream about a goal could mean changes in personal life. This might be a new acquaintance, still filled with previously unknown feelings and emotions. Hurricane of passion might appear in the dreamer’s life.

It is also important who scored: a person who had a dream, or vice versa. From this you can conclude who is going to be the initiator of the relationship, and who will be defeated. But defeated in this sense doesn’t mean a loser; it means that his/her heart will be conquered.

A dream about a goal is treated as a quite favorable sign. Goal is primarily an action. If a person who sees a dream scores a goal, it tells that in real life he/she will have the chance to start some important business.

So, knowing all interpretations of goal in a dream - you can fully or partially decipher a dream. For this you need to remember the minutest details, which at first glance seem insignificant. Little things can help to complete the picture of what is happening and give an opportunity to take the right decision in reality. With this knowledge you can avoid the pitfalls and to benefit in any situation.

So, even a dream that most likely has a negative value, in reality can be used as advantage.

If you are a goalkeeper and you successfully catch the balls flying into your goal, then this dream suggests that you know how to attract people’s attention, and new acquaintances will become your good friends.

If you dreamed that a goalkeeper hits a ball with his head, it means that you have to perform a mad action, according to others opinion; nevertheless taking this step, you will become happy.

If you miss a goal, it indicates that you dream too much and forget about business.

If in your dream a goalkeeper saves the whole team with his perfect performance - this dream promises you victory over opponents in real life.

Dreaming of a female goalkeeper tells that you have chances to succeed in business. For girls such a dream promises a happy marriage.

In your dream a goalkeeper was a representative of the fairer sex, it bodes that you will encounter prosperity in business.

If you manage to score a goal beautifully, and you hear loud applauses, then you will become famous because of some noble deeds. If you hit a ball, but it flies past the goal, it is a divination that efforts for implementation of a life plan may be unfruitful.