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Goat - Meaning of Dream

A goat in a dream portends financial stability and well-being. If you observe like someone slaughters a goat, this dream portends a speedy deliverance from enemies and new friends. A goat in a dream tells that you are surrounded by dark forces and this image urges caution and circumspection.

If a goat attacks and gores you, it forebodes that your lover will soon offer you to go in a romantic journey together. A goat seen at night of Thursday, foretells you a happy holiday, a fun event or an unusual meeting. If you saw a goat at Saturday night, it states that you are reasonable, prudent and properly assess your capabilities.

In Miller’s interpretation, if you see many goats roaming outside of your house, this dream portends bountiful harvest due to the good weather. If you continue to be economy-wise, you may significantly increase your wealth.

Goat butting you in a dream says that foes want to reveal your intentions. You need to watch out for them.

If a woman sees herself riding a goat, the dream states that she risks being defamed. The reason for that is her dishonest behavior that is far from moral.

If a woman drinks goat's milk, soon she will marry a very rich man, and will be very happy with him.

If you dream of a little cub goat, it tells that you will no longer be so scrupulous in matters of morality. Because of this you can become a source of misery for the people who love you.

If you dream of white clean, well-groomed goat with bright eyes you will receive a favorable business proposal or an unexpected profit. If the goat is domestic, this is a good dream; on the contrary, a wild goat warns that you need to beware of money transactions.

If you dreamed of a few white goats, it is not a good sign; it means small obstacles in undertakings or unfinished business. Moreover, the more white goats you see in the herd, more problems are expected. Conversely, if you dream of huge amount of goats which are hard to count, it tells that you will be wealthy, and will manage to overcome minor difficulties.

A white goat with cubs is a good dream, portending care that you may receive unexpectedly from protector and helper in business. For mothers, it is a hint to pay special attention to children; perhaps they need your help.