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God - Meaning of Dream

If you see God who prays and mentions your name or someone close to you, it means that you need to check all your current affairs and undertakings, and to see whether something threaten it. It may be worth to have a better look at your surroundings, pay attention to your health and the health of your loved ones.

If God blesses you in a dream, it indicates upcoming luck, perhaps some unexpected success in business or in your personal life. So, you are rewarded for your efforts and for correct moral life. This also applies to the case, if God touched you.

When God looks at you from afar and does not approach, it may indicate that you need to be careful with your affairs and try not to do wrong steps on your life path in the near future.

If God is pointing to something, it is worth remembering, what he points at in this dream. Perhaps he gives warning of any adverse events (if pointing to something black, murky, obscure), or vice versa suggests that your family and friends will have good luck (if pointing to something bright, light, for example, the sun).

God can be both a harbinger of positive change in the lives and negative influence. To understand why you see God in the dream you can by determining his behavior, and communication.

For example, if God spoke to you in a dream, it may indicate that in the near future you may be accused of something which you did not perform.

If you start the conversation with God by yourself, it is also a warning, you need to beware of swindlers, slanderers, in general, people who can hurt you or "put a spoke in your wheel".

Most unpleasant harbinger is if in communion with God, you start to get angry, argue, and prove your point of view. This may be a harbinger of unpleasant events at home, such as fire or theft. So soon after this dream, it is better not to leave the house.

If you dreamed of a God, it is better to listen to yourself and understand what is going on in your life, perhaps it is even necessary to reconsider your values, look into your past and surroundings. Proper lifestyle can prevent many life troubles.

In the dream, your inner world may speak to you in the image of God, which is trying to help yourself. After all, people in dreams are most sensitive. Inner voice that is not easy to hear in everyday life can finally attract attention of your brain. Often people say that after such dreams they possess clairvoyance and healing. Finally, you should remember, that there is no need to be afraid of own dream, it is better to be more cautious.

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