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Godfather - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you had a quarrel with a godfather, it portends that you will be released from some obligations. If a godfather and godmother look gloomy and inhospitable, the dream forebodes disorder in family life. Conversely, if they are good and happy, everything will work out in the best way possible.

If you are a godfather or a godmother in a dream (depending on your sex), it tells that you play a large role in the personal lives of your friends. In this case, you should remember that sometimes this is a lowly employment. If a single man dreams of a godfather, this is a sign of fragile marriage; for married men - the birth of children. If you clearly see your godfather as if it is a real life, the dream bodes that you will meet him soon. And if you dream of a family and real godparents, in reality get ready for addition to the family.

From ancient times godparents were greatly respected, without their permission the youth couldn’t get married. Hence there is a big unconscious significance of these figures both in real life, and in the dream.

The appearance of a godfather in a dream foretells events that could fundamentally change your life.

If your godfather sympathizes with something, this dream forebodes joy after awakening. If you start a dispute with him, you will have difficulties in money matters. If a godfather provides some service, it is a herald of loss of prestige or high position in reality.

If you hear him praising something, this is a warning about the wrong choice. Thus, in order to understand what godfather means, you should pay attention to his words, actions, and the overall development of the plot of the dream.