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Goldfish - Meaning of Dream

Goldfish is a wonderful magical creature that can grant any three wishes of a person who caught it. The same in the dream, if a person sees a goldfish, the dream book states that you will be successful in business, and will have a lot of pleasant events in life.

If a young girl dreams of a goldfish, she will have the relationships with rich and intelligent man, worthy of her agreement on marriage. However, if the fish was sick or dead – this is a trouble: the girl will be very disappointed in something or someone. Just remember that any disappointment in life is another lesson, another life experience; hence there is no need to lose courage in such situations.

A dream about the goldfish can also portend happy romantic adventures, new friends, interesting and unusual events in personal life, and passion.

If you saw the fish belly-up, it tells that you need to prepare for the inevitable loneliness; hence collect all your favorite movies and fill your fridge with food. After this dream, you might want to be alone and think of own contribution into society.

In addition to all of the above, a goldfish can portend profit and success in financial affairs. It also foreshadows changes of the wardrobe, and travels abroad.

If the fish is easy to catch and you can play with it, this is a herald of trips, mostly business. As the result of these trips, some important documents will be signed and profitable long-term contracts will be concluded, in addiction you will earn good money for the development of own business.

If the fish dies, jumping on the banks because of the lack of water, but you are able to rescue it, this dream foretells joy, good luck in family life, and success in the household.

But if the fish suffocated before reaching the water – get ready for unfortunate events.

Mythological dream book interprets the dreams about a goldfish as a symbol of empty hopes. It is necessary to set small goals and reach them gradually approaching to something more serious and weighty.

If you were lucky to catch a goldfish, you will easily avoid all the trouble and all the wiles of your competitors.

If you were simply catching fish from the boat and a goldfish got hooked, it tells that you will be able to achieve a lot in life because of your wisdom, talent, and perseverance.