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Golf - Meaning of Dream

In the circumstances of the dream, as in life, golf is a command game. The dream can mean not only the individual but also public achievements. It points out the need for freedom in everything, individualism, clarity and realistic goals. Obviously there is a desire to show best qualities, show courage, creativity, climb to the highest level in all spheres of life. Even in case of teamwork, the desire to be a leader and captain can be traced; give instructions and lead the team to victory. Perhaps, you have the desire to change the image, the desire to change for the better, not only internally but also externally.

Dreaming of golf is a very good sign that promises a long life and the possibility of understanding and correcting all the mistakes committed earlier. You have chosen a correct way, which will bring you success.

Do not be afraid of difficulties, they will not prevent the implementation of your goals. All efforts will not be in vain; efforts and time will not be wasted, but fully rewarded.

If you are participating in the game, it foretells a change of status in society for better, getting the long-awaited promotion or a manifestation of respect, recognition of the importance and authority. Envious and enemies will not be able to resist and will be forced to retreat.

If you see someone else trying hard to get the ball in the hole, it tells you will have a destined meeting or a pleasant acquaintance with the person directly related to sport and a healthy lifestyle – athlete or coach.

Golf in a dream can predict some difficulties which are destined to be managed successfully.

If in a dream you see how the ball falls into the hole - you will make up original ideas and plans, the embodiment of which will be uniquely successful, but do not delay them for tomorrow, you should start the implementation as soon as possible and do not be afraid. Luck is designed to accompany you in everything; there is a chance of winning the lottery, even large sums of money, success in gambling.

Playing golf with a boss or supervisor foreshadows that you will have a strong competitor, but do not give up. You can have a strong impact on the outcome of the competition. Even in case of defeat the situation of harm or loss is excluded.