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Gondola - Meaning of Dream

Gondola in a dream portends a trip in a company of your lover. If you see gondola of a very big size, and it looks very unusual, then you will leave in the distant, perhaps exotic countries.

If you see yourself as a gondolier in your dream, it bodes that somebody might fall in love with you.

In a dream you were sailing in a gondola alone, it promises you participation in a small adventure, which you will talk about with pleasure later on in a company of new acquaintances.

If a dreamer falls into the water from the overturned gondola, finally he/she will forget about the craze that was hopeless and which demanded a lot of mental strength.

If you are floating in a gondola with a boyfriend or girlfriend, it bodes a long collaboration with someone, friendship with someone, the mutual deals.

To be in a gondola along with your beloved one bodes that soon you will receive a marriage proposal.

Water in a boat or in the ship portends acquisition of wealth.

If you sit in a boat and look at the moon or the sun, it forebodes that you will get a new position at work. In you sail a gondola towards the sun or the moon, it tells that very soon you will be wealthy.

If you fall over board from gondola inadvertently, it foreshadows that you will encounter a ridiculous misunderstanding.

To sail in gondola in a big company means to obtain a good job and lucrative contract.