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Goose - Meaning of Dream

In a dream about geese much depends on whether there were domestic or wild geese. After all, domestic geese have always been a symbol of wealth and source of tasty meat for the whole family. And wild geese could spoil crops, lead into flock or infect domestic birds with various ailments.

According to the Oriental Dream book, domestic geese eating grass peacefully portend very rapid achievement of success, whether in family matters, or material sense. Other downers have the same opinion.

Also a very good divination is a dream when a flock of domestic geese is swimming in a pond or somewhere on the water. This forebodes that very soon the dreamer’s life will be favorably changed.

If you see a swimming flock of wild geese, it says that the change will not come soon and you should make efforts in order to achieve it.

If you call a flock of domestic geese, and they quickly and happily run to you, it is a harbinger of career growth. This means that opportunities in career will also gladly approach a dreamer, like birds in the dream.

If you had a goose or a flock in your house, it foretells peace and prosperity with your family at home.

According to a small Velesov dream book, white goose in winter foreshadows snow, in other times of the year - precipitation. Such dreams are important for those who are engaged in agriculture.

According to English dream books, goose may mean a discord between the dreamer and his friends. And if this bird was seen by a single man, who has already chosen a lady love - he should abandon his plans in relation to her.

According to majority of dream books - hearing goose cackle is a bad omen. Just as geese warned with their cackling about the enemies attack Rome, the same they warn you about impending danger threatening your house. All members of the household must pay attention to their health, actions and conversations of people around. Perhaps among them there is a secret foe, spreading rumors and trying to violate the welfare of a family.

Contradictory is the interpretation of a dream about eating a goose. According to some sources, it is a signal of impending financial profit. Others consider it as upcoming bad affairs.

If a goose is seen in splendid isolation, it foretells that you will face the powerful and arrogant man who can prevent the implementation of plans or fulfillment of dreams.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you see geese, depends not only on the number of birds. A lot depends on the behavior of birds.

If you observe a flock of geese flying away, it indicates that you are filled with sadness and you are worried a lot about events in life. If you see such a dream several times in a row, it is worth to reconsider your attitude to life and to be more optimistic.

Dreaming of geese arrival from warm countries, it is a sign of good news and pleasant changes in reality.

If the goose pinches you, this warns you about appearance of detractors, whose attitude and gossip will be unpleasant and painful in everyday life.

If you have to buy a goose, it foretells the recognition of dreamer’s efforts and a sign of income. But if you sell a goose, it bodes decline and partial loss of material prosperity.

If a single man has caught a goose, it foretells upcoming successful marriage.

It is important to remember that a flock of wild geese can sometimes mean troubles with health. Pay more attention to such a dream, if you prone to heart attacks, panic attack or unexpected fainting.