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Gooseberry - Meaning of Dream

First of all, when interpreting the dreams, it is necessary to find out the main elements around which the plot is developed. Then, of course pay attention to the details and find a correct clue to the interpretation.

By itself, ripe gooseberries in your garden are considered as a very good omen. This berry is rarely cultivated; when ripe it has emerald green or yellowish-pink hue, resembling semi-precious stone. The taste of ripe gooseberry is also unusual and pleasant with a light delicate aroma.

Therefore, if you dream of a ripe gooseberry on a sunny summer day, it can be interpreted as a happy sequence of events, which will bring a lot of pleasant moments in life. If you happen to taste and enjoy the berries in a dream, you will have a favorable period in life.

There is of course another interpretation for the dream about unripe gooseberry. This dream foretells slight disappointment by the fact that you want to develop the events very fast, but such a behavior will not lead to the results which you hoped for. The severity of the impending disappointment depends on whether you tried unripe berries or not; and also the taste, whether it was strongly sour or bitter. This dream also warns against undue haste and arrogance.

If you pick up ripe gooseberries in the garden at night, and you don’t actually see what is happening, but you are sure that you are doing right, this dream presents a good opportunity of enrichment or improvement of the living conditions. However, it may happen on the verge of legality, or even illegal. The dream warns, but the final decision may depend on other details, and of the feelings experienced by you in a dream. It is possible that, despite the sweet taste of berries, you feel fear, bitterness, frustration, and perhaps - the excitement and enthusiasm.

For a young woman, a dream about the bushes covered with gooseberries in her own beautiful summer garden is a prediction that she will be happy to face mature age surrounded by many children, most likely sons.