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Gorilla - Meaning of Dream

A symbol of a gorilla in your dream may be interpreted differently. It is the one of wisdom and friendship as well as of might, cruelty and fierce.

A gorilla may be a sign of your insufferable behavior. Very often you go too far and overreact. People who love you and treat you kindly are discontented with it. It may offend them. Of course, you can have solid grounds for it – problems at work, a split among your family or friends, dissatisfaction with the stream of your life, feeling bad because of some health problems, troubles with private life, etc. Still, you have to remember that you mustn’t offend people who aren’t guilty in all this. Try to change your life a little, smooth away at least a part of your troubles, and you’ll see that communicating with people will become easier and more pleasant both for you and for them. Furthermore, your mood will become better. In its turn, it will lead that things will sort themselves out.

Also, it may warn you against communicating with a mean person, who can appear in your life in the nearest future. Judging from his/her appearance you’ll never say so. Nevertheless, not now but later you’ll understand that you were wrong. Appearances are deceptive. A fair face may hide a foul heart. You’ll realize what person he/she is after having being deceived personally, or when he/she lets your close friends down. This unpleasant situation will make you appreciate more what you have now and be thankful for this. So, before trusting anybody you should get to know him/her deeply. Maybe, he/she isn’t worth of your time.

Gorillas resemble people, as you know. Their behavior is amazingly alike ours. That’s why if you’re seeing a peaceful gorillas family in your dream (adult gorillas with their babies), it may be a sign for you to pay more attention to your own family. Because you’re busy almost all the time, they are greatly deprived of it. Don’t dive into your business, studying, etc. entirely. Go off on a journey together, think of your common pastime, talk more to each other and so on. You’ll be very satisfied with the results of such an idea.

But if a gorilla is malicious in your dream, it may caution you against the threat to your family. Think, what it can be, what it may concern: your husband/wife, children or parents and beware of everything that can do harm to your family. The main point here is that you shouldn’t underestimate the danger in any case.

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