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Gouache - Meaning of Dream

Many dream books say, that if you see gouache, it means that you will have to tell a lie. But this will be a beautiful lie. It is possible that such lies can save you from disgrace.

There are many dream books that can help you interpret your dreams. It should be noted that in all these interpretations gouache means basically the same. Only some interpreters add that buying gouaches can also customize for specific actions. Namely, it is the determination to surprise a person whom you like. After all, if there is any kind of uncertainty, with this method it will be easy to understand everything. Reaction to such a lovely surprise will show his/her true attitude.

Well, as astrologers say, the probability with which this dream can come true depends on a lunar day. This information can be easily found in the lunar calendar.

The dream about gouache can be interpreted ambiguously. It depends on the particular circumstances of a dream. If you buy gouaches in a store, it foretells an acquisition of something beautiful.

If you draw with gouache in a dream, it signifies that you will look for something new and unknown. Maybe you are tired of routine and present occupation doesn’t bring you pleasures, your soul tends to experience new discoveries and acquaintances.

If a person in a dream is mired in gouache, it is a warning that in the future you will face a voluntary participation in a very troublesome and tedious business. In this case, you must be prepared for the unexpected troubles and great moral stress.

To observe pictures made with gouache, foretells that you will encounter fatigue and dissatisfaction with own excessive correctness because of the high demands for yourself. It means that sometimes you have to forget about everything and relax, and it will be enough just to stay honest, decent and conscientious person.

If you mix gouache paints of different colors, it heralds the fact that there is no stability in your life.

You should be attentive to the interpretations that are hidden behind the dream images. Thus our subconscious can send signals, which are worth considering. But we should not exaggerate its true value.