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Goulash - Meaning of Dream


If you dreamed that you sit at the dining table and look longingly at the delicious goulash, which is in your plate, it means that you have to be ready for the fact that the smooth flow of your life will change a little, for the better.

If you eat goulash, but you feel that meat is very hard, this dream foretells troubles and problems. Soft meat in goulash, in contrast, predicts success and prosperity.

If you dream of goulash that you are just about to eat, but you find it without garnish, unfortunately, you will not be able to finish safely your undertaking.

If you were picking and buying meat in order to cook goulash, it is a good sign, foretelling you good health and mood. Personally prepared goulash means that most likely you will receive an invitation to a birthday or wedding. There you will have a plenty of chat with friends and acquaintances, will have fun and taste many exotic dishes.

If you were preparing for a friend’s arrival and you cooked goulash, it means that you will be surrounded with care and attention of the person from whom you did not expect such dedication.

If you accidentally put more salt in the goulash, it means that you will get acquainted with the charming person of the opposite sex, which you've been waiting for all life. Do not miss your chance for happiness probably it will be your soul mate.

To eat goulash at a restaurant or cafe, it means that you will have to communicate with narrow-minded and stupid people. Also, this dream can predict strong disappointment or mental disorder.

To dream that you ordered goulash, but to your great disappointment, there was no decent pieces of meat, in reality you might make some fatal mistakes, the consequences of which have a negative impact on your career.

Goulash in Miller dream book. If you dream that you eat goulash with great appetite, means that you will successfully solve all the problems that have plagued you for a long time. If you cook goulash, it means a separation from a friend or a close person. If you treated the stranger with this dish, it means that somebody will make a very profitable business proposition for you, which you should accept.

If you see how the wife spat into your goulash and put a plate in front of you, it means that in reality she will ask for a divorce, as for a long time she had a lover. The break up will be very difficult because she will try to grab more property and take the double of what is due.

If while boiling your goulash spilled out of the pan on a gas stove, it means that you should be ready for the scandal. However, a dream, is just a warning, so you can still prevent everything, you only need to maintain peace in the family and avoid controversial issues.

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