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Grandchildren - Meaning of Dream

Seeing grandchildren in your dream is a good sign. It denotes that soon you’ll meet some person/people you haven’t seen for ages but always wanted. Unfortunately, due to some circumstances it was impossible to do. In the nearest future such an opportunity will be in your hands. Don’t contrive to miss it! Communication with this person will be like a breath of fresh air for you because in spite of a long period of time you haven’t seen one another, you are still soulmates. You’ll feel that you can still trust this person as yourself. There is an ocean of themes you can discuss day and night. Think about the fact how happy this meeting can make you (and necessarily will). Are you sure that you are ready to lose this person again? If not, make something up to prevent it. Remember that the world is your oyster.

If you haven’t managed to become a grandmother/grandfather yet, but there are your grandchildren in your dream, it signifies that something interesting, exciting and unusual will happen to you very soon. Maybe, you’ll go off on a journey or get acquainted with some charming person, or get into an unforgettable situation by accident. Nobody knows. In any case, you don’t have a reason to worry about it – everything will be better than you can imagine, although, there is one condition - if your grandchildren are healthy and cheerful, a surprise will be pleasant and vice versa.

Also, such a dream (with your grandchildren who don’t exist yet) suggests that soon you can become a member of a new family. They will accept you with open arms. Moreover, your liking will be mutual.

A dream in which you’re playing with your grandchildren betokens a very pleasant surprise in the future.

Going somewhere with your grandchildren in your dream presages the sweets of life. Something good will necessarily happen to you. Even if it is a trifle, it all the same will make you very glad. That’s why we should make something pleasant for the people we love not only at their birthdays or other holidays, but for no special reason. Think how happy it can make them.

Seeing somebody else’s grandchildren in a dream, but not yours, designates that you’ll become a participant of some remarkable event in your life. Let’s hope that this event will be positive.

If you are seeing your grandchildren who are crying, such a dream has totally different meaning. There is nothing to worry about. Everything will be OK. No matter what kind of work you will get down to, but everything will go like clockwork. So, it is a perfect time to start bringing your ideas to life. Success will attend you.

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