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Grandmother - Meaning of Dream


Grandmother is a symbol of material and spiritual support, human warmth, good luck and success in business.

If you see the dream about grandmother and you see it unclear, but you are sure it is her, it means that you will get a serious financial assistance, and this support is likely to be provided by relatives.

Grandmother, seen in a dream, may also be a signal that you do not pay attention to your health. Perhaps your gastritis has aggravated or there are other problems associated with the stomach.

If you are talking with your grandmother in a dream, it means that you might implement some of your plans or be involved in charity.

To see a grandma in a dream from the back, this means upcoming malaise and pain in the spine. You will need to use your life experience in order to find a way out of the situation.

If your grandmother is crying in the dream, it means that you will have undeserved resentment or quarrel with your loved one.

In the dream you are a grandmother, be ready for a nasty surprise. Pay special attention to the health of your children. There is a risk that they will catch some infectious disease.

If you dreamed of a dead grandmother, it means that you will have serious changes in life, and it is very difficult to say whether it will be good or bad. In such a way, grandma may bless you or warn you.

When a meeting with a grandmother was held in the cemetery, it is a sign of favorable changes.

In the dream you see a sick or tired grandmother it means that you will be powerless to change anything in your life.

If you met a grandmother unexpectedly, be ready for many difficulties and obstacles in your life. Most likely, you will need a good advice, but no one will give it to you. You shouldn’t count on anyone’s help, it is not necessary.

To dream of a grandmother who is smiling or laughing, means to support relatives and close friends. You will be assisted in any way, no matter how difficult the situation will be.

If in the dream your grandmother knits or is engaged in some needlework, it means that you will have troubles at work. Most likely, you feel bounded in the affairs and devoid of any initiative.

If you see a grandfather together with your grandmother, it means that most likely your boss will curtail your salary and will fail to pay the fee on time.

Grandmother in the dream is a symbol of wisdom and life experiences throughout life. She can also represent a vast ocean of knowledge that surrounds every human being.

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