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Grapes - Meaning of Dream

Grapes, is a symbol of fertility and wealth. Sweet berries bring happiness and success in love.

If grapes are seen by a man in a dream, it means that he will meet his soul mate, and will enjoy socializing with her and will be happy as a child.

Unripe berries of grape mean that soon you will have to make a difficult decision. It is important to think well, in order not to make mistake.

If you see the vines without berries, it means that your financial position will deteriorate: you will suffer losses.

To dream of harvested grapes means that your dreams will come true, you will have happy love relationship, and success in business.

A lot of vines with large berries promises monetary income and material wealth.

If you see a dried vineyard, it is a sign of poverty. If the branches are without the leaves, it means that you will be robbed. Bunches of ripe grapes predict rise through the ranks.

Red grapes, mean consternation; white grapes, mean that you will acquire a new friend.

If you see grapes that somebody brings to your mouth, it means that you can expect new friends, and love relationships.

Plucked bunches of grapes, is a sign of the strength of your social status.

If you cut bunches of grapes, it means that there will be something pleasant and unexpected in your life. It might be a "lucky break" that can change life for the better.

For a woman, the dream in which she eats the grapes from the bunch, promises the emergence of a new fan or even a few suitors.

To dream of grapes and treat people with it, is a prognostic of sadness.

If you see crushed grapes or crush it in your dreams, it means that you will achieve your goals.

If you gather the grapes for the wine, it means that your path is correct, and soon you will experience success.

Black grapes in your dream, is a sign of a loss. Small grapes mean disappointment and frustration.

Sour grapes in your dream, is a sign of minor troubles.

If you see fresh grapes, it means that there are no insurmountable obstacles on your way.

If you dream of raisins, it means that you might have troubles at work. If you treat somebody with raisins, it is a sign of grief and sorrow.

Growing vine in a dream, is a harbinger of happiness (wealth, high dividends from investments, performance of goals), withering vine with falling leaves on contrary, means losses caused theft.

If you hide grapes from the view, it portends wealth and strengthening position in society. Usually this dream brings rare good luck.

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