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Grass snake - Meaning of Dream

Usually, a dream in which there is a snake is referred to as a bad sign. Almost every nation has myths and beliefs associated with the negative coming from crawling reptiles. Perhaps this reaction is caused by the fear of reptiles.

In any dream crawling glass snake symbolizes the presence of the enemy, people who use all available means to harm the dreamer. In addition, reptiles often serve as a warning about unfavorable state of health. Even the quiet, small grass snake, is a symbol of impending conflicts that you should avoid if possible.

If you see grass snake crawling and wriggling and it behaves aggressively, it is a sign of hatred by detractors. If the reptile is preparing to attack you person, it means that someone cherishes the idea of ​​revenge for recent offense.

If a reptile is crawling on the dreamer’s body, it means that it is too late to take any retaliatory steps, the enemy was able to strike first. However, you can try to shake off the snake in a dream, thus freeing yourself from negative consequences.

The battle with a snake predicts the presence of serious danger. For the person having bad conscience, it is possible imprisonment. If while moving the reptile becomes bigger, it means that you failed to see risks you face in time, respectively, you took no action to prevent it.

When the dreamer manages to escape from a snake crawling on him/her, in real life he/she is able to find a way out of the situation with honor and get out of traps arranged by cunning enemies.

Sometimes you dream that you feel sorry for a snake and take it in hands. This is one of the most unpleasant dreams, as it indicates a perfidy of a close friend. Also, it may be a sign of betrayal of business partner, who has always stressed his devotion.

To see you friend, with snakes crawling behind his back, it means danger of conspiracy. But if reptiles obey him, the meaning of the dream changes dramatically on the positive, suddenly appears powerful friend, who can protect from all the failures and troubles.

It is important to know what snake means if children play with it. There is a risk that they will fall into a bad environment. You should pay particular attention to their friends. Such meaning has a dream in which a man is trying to protect his child from aggressive reptile.

Snake crawling on a person, expresses the probability of upcoming open battle with the enemy. If you see a poisonous reptile, it means that your enemy will get victory over you. Harmless grass snake is a symbol of a big chance to win, thanks to the machinations of the enemy against himself.

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