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Greediness - Meaning of Dream

In general, ‘greediness’ in a dream is connected with your financial situation as well as with your burden of additional problems.

According to Miller’s book of dreams interpretations, if you were greedy in your dream, it is a signal that you’d better start saving some money – difficult times for your purse are coming. Deny yourself even petty whims. Now you can easily live without them, but later you will be lacking in this sum of money you spent on them. Probably, this financial hardship will be caused by troubles at work or even losing it. If you know that you can influence this situation somehow, try to do what is possible. Then, there is a chance that financial hardship will pass you by.

If you have reproached somebody with greediness or vice versa in your dream, it is bad luck. Such a dream suggests that soon you can get into serious troubles. You won’t be able to get out of them without your friends or relatives’ helping hand. You must show them how grateful you are for this and pay back in their coin. However, such a dream has another meaning too. If you have called someone ‘greedy’, this person may fall seriously ill.

The same interpretation has a dream in which you have been teaching a child that it is bad to be a greedy person: you will be overfilled with a great amount of problems; it can be that you won’t cope with them by yourself.

If you have been trying to borrow some money from your acquaintance but he/she refused to help you, it signifies that you won’t have to ask anybody to borrow you money in reality. Your income will become higher soon, and you will climb a career ladder in leaps and bounds.