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Greek - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a foreigner, this hints on a possible tip abroad. There are also other meanings of such dreams. Greek in a dream can’t portend threats to a dreamer; on the contrary, it bodes new beginnings or dating.

If you dream that you are surrounded by the Greeks, whether it is a market or just a street, this dream means that you are lucky; your life problems will be solved easily.

If you talk to a Greek, this dream promises good friends and pleasant acquaintances. But if you were arguing with a Greek, it portends that in the future you will reconsider own attitude to some people.

Dreams are not necessarily terrible in reality, many of them are forgotten with the sunrise and awakening. Anyways, do not worry about having a bad dream, perhaps you will have a new white stripe in life soon.

People see different dreams, and this is not surprising. Surprising is the fact what dreams mean and whether they have certain meaning for a person. Dream is an expanse of human subconscious, therefore people mostly dream about what they often think.

The science about dreams is practically built on theories. Scientific facts may not always match human imagination. There are in fact many theories, but some dreams you can interpret alone with precision and correctness.

If you were talking with a Greek, but you didn’t quite understand his speech, this dream forebodes that you will feel good, and diseases will not bother you.

If you feel affection for a Greek, it is a sure sign of family welfare.

If you see a cute foreigner, but the environment is not attractive, this dream foretells upcoming quarrels with friends; but success in other spheres.