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Green - Meaning of Dream


A green color is a very positive one. It forebodes nothing bad at all. You are a lucky dog if this color predominates in your dreams. Let’s find out what it symbolizes in detail.

A green color stands for pacification. If you’re seeing a green dream, it characterizes you as a person who is totally satisfied with his/her life. Nothing disturbs you. If there are petty misfortunes, you can easily smooth them away without straining your nerves. Such a world view will help you greatly in your life. You won’t lose your head in slightly difficult situations; consequently you’ll manage them more quickly and reasonably, thus more effectively. Also, your approach won’t mar relations with your partners, for example. Therefore, your ability to eliminate conflicts quietly and calmly can save you from financial losses and a slur on your reputation. If you don’t have such a feature, try to develop it. It will be very useful not only for your purse but also for your health.

The most important interpretation is that a green color foreshadows longevity and sound health. However, don’t put on airs, maintaining it on such a high level will be better. You are on the right track, don’t take a wrong turning.

Dreams with dominating green color foreshadows conciliation with the people you’ve quarreled about something. Even if you aren’t guilty in this conflict, you’ll find the way to bring your past relationships back. It doesn’t mean that you take the blame upon yourself, it means that you take care of these people and understand that you don’t want to be enemies for the rest of your life. Believe that you won’t regret it ever.

If you’re painting or drawing something in green, it denotes that you are a pretty hard nut to crack. You aren’t going to hang down your head if something goes wrong. You always weigh all pros and cons and solve a problem sensibly. Nice work! Probably, you apply the best approach to problem solving. Such a method will save your nerves and money (as we’ve made sure already).

A green color in a dream will obligatory bring you financial welfare and happiness in your private life. It is especially good if you’re seeing green trees in your dream.

Seeing a lot of green items in your dream also signifies that you can get down to new beginnings right now. It is a very favorable time for their implementation. They may bring you big money, fame and welfare. It’ll be a start of your life project. Don’t hesitate a second if you have some doubts. If not now, then when? It’s time to become active. At this moment you are capable of anything.

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