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Grenade - Meaning of Dream

Usually you see a grenade in a dream as symbol of your enemy action, which may get advantage of your weakness or your family circumstances, and attack you directly, without charges and delays. Also if you see a grenade, you will encounter sudden events.

If you dream of a grenade, most likely something bad is planned against you.

If a person is holding a grenade or spins it and it subsequently explodes, it bodes that dreamer’s extravagant deed will cause a violent reaction in society, but this dislike will have the same short-lived effect.

If you dream that you desperately want to explode a grenade, but it did not happen, it portends that you will be haunted by many problems in real life, which can be avoided, if you try to control yourself.

If you see a bright flash of grenades from afar, it tells about a dangerous act, which you will have to make. It is better to think whether you should do that, or it might have the results as of exploded grenade.

Any dream in which you see weapon requires special attention, because it carries a mortal danger to humanity. But you should not panic after such a dream; better understand what this dream foretells you. Don’t treat all weapon as evil, because in many cultures it is sacred and is intended not so much to attack as to protect and have ritual purposes.

Many weapons are true works of art, and some myths considering the creation of the world claim that the universe was created precisely with weapons.

Therefore, paradoxically, it can serve as a symbol of life. No wonder, some warlike tribes cut the umbilical cord of their newborn with cold arms, contributing to the emergence of a new life. But this does not mean that you can treat weapons without fear and due respect.

Grenade portends changes in a person's life, but if a grenade did not explode, the changes are likely, but not inevitable.

If you see a grenade, be ready for rapid developments of events, which may finish as fast as it have started, but leaving behind devastating consequences. After all, grenade portends big trouble out of small and unprepossessing business. This dream tells you to treat everything with extreme caution.

It can also mean unusual action of close relatives, which will not necessarily have a detrimental effect, but will surely draw the attention of surrounding. To generalize, a grenade heralds something unexpected for a dreamer that, however, will not have a lasting effect. But you should not underestimate such kind of a warning. A dream with grenade should prepare a person for the unexpected news and events.