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Grief - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which grief is so big, that a dreamer wakes up repeatedly, and again falls asleep, is a warning sign. In the plot of a dream you should try to find details mitigating future situation. This may be sunshine, which flicker into the window. It will be a clue how to prevent trouble or understand its reason. Also the presence of beautiful stallion or mare gives hope, which symbolizes the fate of a dreamer. It is important to make them look energetic and accommodating. Good sign if in a sorrowful dream you kiss a child, and see Chinese or Arab.

Dreaming of grief experienced by strangers forebodes numerous failures in reality. A positive interpretation of this symbol is present only if a dreamer feels his/her own grief. This opinion was based on the fact that often the feeling that captures a dreamer, in reality turns into its opposite in a dream.

Immense grief experienced by a dreamer has a negative value. Namely – death of a close person, collapses in life, and hard disease. However, no matter how tragic the predictions are, they do not always come true.

First of all, it is because the future often has several options. Much of it depends on a person, his/her behavior and attitude towards life.

If you wake up in tears because of experienced grief in a dream, it bodes that you will have a lot of pleasant days ahead which will bring joy and prosperity.

If you feel grief because of the loss of a loved one, then in real life you will rejoice for your lover’s good health and success.