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Groom - Meaning of Dream

A groom in a dream is a symbol of interference in the affairs and concerns; moreover, if he laughs - it is a sign of deception.

It would seem that dreams about a bride or a groom do not have any bad meaning, because the wedding is always an event of joy and merriment. In fact, in the dreams the meaning is different.

If you see yourself as a bride or a groom, you have to be ready for deep sadness and sometimes grief. Often, the dreams about having fun at own wedding, lead to the death of the loved ones.

If a young girl dreams of her fiance with improper, unkempt appearance, it portends a great danger, perhaps a complex disease. While there is yet time, the dreamer has to change own lifestyle; otherwise, she can greatly regret about it.

If a lady sees her groom next to a huge number of men, who look like him, it portends that she will face a very difficult choice.

Generally, the groom is seen as a harbinger of obstacles in the affairs. If he smiles at you, it bodes that he will easily cheat on you.

If you dream of an impressive groom in a decent suit, with a beautiful traditional bouquet, it bodes that you will have global changes in life. Moreover, the changes can be both positive and negative. For example, a girl can have an incredibly pleasant new acquaintance, which could lead her to the altar; or if she is not single – she will have changes in family life.

If you observe the bride and groom as a bystander, you are lucky to have good relations with a partner in life and in bed.

According to the modern dream book, if a lady sees her real groom in a dream, it tells that she has made a correct choice. If she dream’s of someone else’s groom, it portends that she will receive a wedding invitation and will become the maid of honor.

If a mother or a father saw a groom of their daughter in a dream, it indicates that they will have conflicts with him, when the children will get married.

If a girl kisses her fiance, she will have a small quarrel with him in real life. If she dreamed of a quarrel, in real life she will receive a present from him. If she sees her fiance being angry, it tells that in reality they will soon break up. If her groom dances with her rival, she will have to demonstrate moderation in order to avoid the loss. The dance with a groom is a herald of many admirers, but no one will become her partner.

If a lady sees a groom in dirty clothing, it tells that she or he will get sick. In order to avoid such a situation, they have to get rid of bad habits.

If a married man sees himself as a groom, it is a herald of misunderstanding in the family.