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Group - Meaning of Dream

To dream of a group which consists only of women indicates that in reality a dreamer got involved in the case, which may cause him great concern, but also a big benefit.

If people in the group were dressed in business suits, a dreamer will become a member of the party, will honor its laws and promote its interests.

To see how a group of young people started a mass brawl, a dreamer should be careful as he/she can be embroiled in a conflict that will adversely affect his/her career.

If a person is trying to get an autograph from the leader of a rock band, then in reality he/she will have a nice surprise, maybe it will be a promotion or a big award for his/her excellent work.

For a girl, this dream may portend a meeting with a famous person, who would do her unequivocal signs of attention. However, she should not trust him, because it's just an entertainment for him.

The "group" can be considered neutral, but when it plays a key role in the dream, the interpretation of it depends on other elements.

To dream of a group of people, who are going to set fire to something, in reality you will hear some unpleasant things from authorities. Moreover, your colleagues have prepared a nasty surprise for you, after which you will decide to resign.

If the group consists of young people – soon you will know the true attitude of your friends and acquaintances. You will not like it and will be angry, but you will not get upset, on the contrary, you need to thank a higher power for the ability to learn the truth about your environment.

If you see a group of men, you might encounter many sudden events, and all because of the desire to show others that you are independent and extraordinary personality.

In Nostradamus opinion this image is a harbinger of tests for a dreamer, and it advises to work more and to talk less.

Dream book of Hasse promises promotion, and Freud advises to be more careful in intimate relationships, in order not to catch any disease.

Modern dream interpretation warns you against rash decisions which may lead to a dead end, or a consideration of suicide.

If you see a group of teenagers who beat a defenseless animal, in real life your friend will ask for help and you shouldn’t deny it. You need to support him, and only in such a way you will get rid of remorse that has plagued you for several years.