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Guest - Meaning of Dream

Many people are wondering what guests in the dream mean. Such dreams often cause excitement, anxiety and a feeling of some changes in life. Depending on the situation in which you see a guest, a dream can be interpreted quite differently.

In dreams, a guest most often means some surprise, bad news, and separation. You might have large unplanned expenses. You should also be prepared for a sudden meeting with foes.

To see guests in a dream is a sign that in foreseeable future some important events will happen in your family. The appearance of a stranger guest in a house heralds a new beginning. If a guest came with good intentions, the plans will soon come true.

Unexpected appearance of unpleasant guest foretells news from detractors.

If you dream that you diligently prepare for the arrival of a guest, it portends that in upcoming future you will have dull and monotonous life.

If you hear a knock on the door, but nobody comes in, it tells that you shouldn’t be afraid of the wiles of your enemies. All their evil intentions will be disclosed, and nothing bad can happen.

Reception of guests in a house can mean malice, envy and even hatred against you. You need to be careful and trustful only the closest people.

If you insistently invite guests in a dream, this bodes insults from relatives and close friends.

Guest appearance in a dream can be interpreted in several ways. Sometimes guest may herald important event or news. Despite the fact that a guest is usually associated with something pleasant, in a dream he/she does not always bring joy.

If you wait till a gust leaves, but he/she doesn’t want to, it is a sign that you can’t get rid of very unpleasant memories which interfere your peaceful life. You need to make a lot of efforts in order to forget these troubles.

If your guest is unknown blonde, it bodes that you may face serious illness or even death.

If you are going to visit someone and knock the door, it is necessary for you to get a friendly support.

A dream, in which you sit at the empty table with a guest, predicts empty promises and betrayal of a loved one.

If you visit people who are already dead for a long time, it means unexpected turn in your life.

If the guests, who came to your house, are dressed in black, in real life you will go to the funeral repast.

A large number of guests in the house foreshadow departure from the country and separation from family and friends.

If a person is away without a big desire, it indicates the worsen relations with a partner. You should carefully analyze own behavior and attitude towards your partner.

To host a large number of guests at home means to have a big amount of sexual partners. A dreamer sometimes overestimates his sex appeal, believing that not a single woman can resist him.

If guests in a dream are too noisy and laugh a lot, it could portend gossip and joy.

Boring guests in a dream promise some unexpected monetary gain.

If guests are arguing or angry, it predicts poverty and hunger.