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Guillotine - Meaning of Dream

If you are executed on guillotine in a dream, it is a sign of serious unexpected illness, which will invalidate your ability to move and do business for a long time. You will be upset about quarrel with a close friend if you see other people executed on the guillotine.

A guillotine also has a meaning of the loss of a very dear person to you. If you dreamed of a guillotine, you may be unjustly accused, but everything will end up well.

To lie under the blade of guillotine foretells that you will wait for an important decision, however, you don’t even know if it is beneficial for you. It is a symbol that you are not sure about own future and you are plagued by doubts.

In a dream you see a square with a guillotine in the middle and the crowd of people, it signals of serious changes in life.

If you see a guillotine in action, it is an indication of frustration and loss of management position. Such a dream is a warning about mistakes, and possible collapse of hopes, ideas and plans. Soon your mind can enter in strong contradiction with the feelings. After this dream you should be careful, not to give in unnecessary emotions and avoid risky and imprudent steps.

If you saw how your enemy had been executed by guillotine, it is an indication of fast deliverance of some problems that have tormented you.

Guillotine means unfair charges towards you. A dreaming about guillotine in the beginning of a week signals of rehabilitation of good name. If you dream of guillotine in the end of the week bodes undeserved humiliation and bad attitude.

In your dream that someone of your friends waits for execution with guillotine, in reality you have to help your loved one, who is experiencing a serious psychological crisis.