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Guipure - Meaning of Dream

For a woman, to see guipure in her dream is a great dream, which bodes happiness. The wildest wishes will come true, and her fans will fulfill her whims without a single objection.

If you buy guipure/lace in your dream, this dream predicts that you will become the head of a large enterprise. And yet your faithful friend will be your main domain.

If you sell ​​guipure/lace in a dream, it signifies that your abilities will not match your bold desires. You want too much from life at this stage. You need either to decrease your needs, or to increase the effectiveness of your work, therefore you will be able to earn more money in order to afford everything you want.

For a young girl, a dream where she spun guipure/lace bodes marriage to a handsome and very wealthy man. There is also a warning, in order to stay with him for long, and feel his love, she needs to be positive, supportive, understanding, and then she will receive even more than she can expect.

If you decorate a wedding dress with laces in your dream, it tells that fans will love your charm, but none of those relations will lead you to marriage.

If you had a dream about a beloved one, whose ​​clothes were decorated with laces, it foretells that your social position will get stronger, and your love will move to a next stage. Be ready for a passionate tryst.

For a young man, dreaming about his beloved one wearing something with laces tells that she is a madcap and very extravagant person. Because she has such features of character she will not be a good wife and mistress.