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Guitar - Meaning of Dream


Guitar in the dream is a symbol that expresses the emotional state of the person and his entourage. Depending on the atmosphere in which this instrument appears in the dream, you should pay attention to the various aspects of your life.

For example, a dream in which you hold a guitar in your hands is a good sign. Even better omen is if you play the guitar in a dream. Both of these cases, tell us about the sudden contact with interesting company. And they might be complete strangers, accidentally met in a club or during a morning jog. Most importantly, in this company you will certainly find the right person that will cause a flash amazing feeling, love.

It is obvious why you see a guitar with a broken string. This is an indication that the joy of love may give way to sad experiences for some time. It is possible that there will be the reason for tears. Especially important are such dreams for young people, who have no own family yet.

The sounds of guitar music, heard by a girl, indicate that she will be meeting with insincere flatterer. This person will try to somehow hurt, but she can successfully resist.

If a man sees a guitar, it means that he needs to pay special attention to own interests. Perhaps his lightheadedness can put him in a difficult position. So do not ignore such a dream, and perceive it as a friendly advice.

According to Z. Freud, guitar is a symbol of the feminine. In human dreams there are constantly striking and sometimes vague events. From the standpoint of Freud, dreams are a reflection of reality at a deep subconscious level.

There are many cases where dreams not only helped to care of trouble, but also helped to perform great discoveries, and create famous art works. In this regard, it is sufficient to talk about Mendeleev, Mozart, Pushkin, or Beethoven.

Applying Freud's dream book, and exploring personal interpretation of dreams, we can better understand his own nature and avoid a lot of troubles.

In the study of dreams, Freud drew special attention to the complex of free association with specific characters. He identified the key elements masked in subconscious, which closely involve the desire of most people. These elements are presented in the form of the human body, male and female.

The design of guitar hull is very similar to the smooth and graceful lines of the female body.

A man who has seen such dream has a harmonious relationship with his spouse.

For a woman, the dream about guitar, tell that she can be confident in own sex female attractiveness, as well as the health of reproductive organs and feasibility of the union with her lover.

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