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Gumboots - Meaning of Dream

If a person puts on gumboots in a dream, soon he/she might get trapped. If your friends or acquaintances were such boots, it says that they create obstacles in business. If you throw gumboots, you might lose a friend or won’t communicate with anyone. If you have found galoshes, you will have a long and difficult trip.

If you see holes in gumboots, it means that very soon somebody will sell you short, but you will be able to fix it. If the weather is fine but you are wearing gumboots, for women this dream means confusion because of low awareness; for men – it is an ability to express own thoughts in the teeth of public opinion.

A dreaming about galoshes in the storefront foretells that a dreamer will spend a considerable sum of money that will later regret of. If you buy galoshes, soon you will hear a stream of nonsense and morals from everyone. If you sell them, you will gain prosperity and deliverance from trouble and hassle.

If you dream of dirty galoshes, in the near future you should watch out for the evil intentions on the part of your surroundings. Do not think that everyone around has positive thinking. Also you have to spend more time with your family and move the job on the back burner.

Many people believe that a dream from Thursday to Friday is prophetic, but it is not always true. It mostly depends on whether the day is lunar or not.

If you dream that you are wearing galoshes on top of modern shoes, perhaps you are a miser in real life.