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Gumshoes - Meaning of Dream

If you bought or tried on gumshoes in the store in your dream, in reality you will have an exciting adventure or an interesting trip to exotic countries in the company of fun people with whom you will enjoy your time.

If the gumshoes were too tight or very loose, this is not a good sign, predicting problems and troubles at work. Most likely, you will not cope with the important job properly, and your supervisor will be upset.

If you dreamed of torn sneakers or entangled laces, it is necessarily to execute all necessary documents in the official order before starting a new business project, in order to avoid confusion with the higher authorities. Torn or badly worn sneakers predict unpleasant events or unsuccessful trip.

In Miller’s dream book, clean and brand new sneakers predict good fortune and luck; dirty and old gumshoes portend bad luck and disappointments.

If you were choosing the proper size of sneakers, it is a favorable sign, promising profit in any commercial endeavor. A purchase of gumshoes promises an exciting trip with a lot of positive impressions.

According to Vanga, any shoes including gumshoes are a symbol of life minor scrapes. If you are a woman and you put on new shoes in a dream, it portends that in reality will meet an attractive man and will be carried away by temptation to spend the night of love with him. If you took off your gumshoes, you may lose a good friend, will go on a long trip or will change the place of your residence. Wore tight, uncomfortable shoes – you will be disappointed with your loved ones. If you raised a blister with your shoes in a dream, you will be suffering from molestation and impudence of your friends.

Freud stated that worn sneakers foretell changes in destiny. Torn and dirty gumshoes portend infertility of a woman, unsuccessful labor or loss of her husband. If you dream of a few pairs of sports shoes - in reality you will be popular with the ladies.