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Hair - Meaning of Dream

Hair in a dream has a lot of interpretations, one of them is if a young girl combs well-groomed beautiful hair and it hints to pay more attention to own personal life.

For a man to be bald is a warning of extravagance that might lead to serious financial difficulties.

In the dream your hair turns gray, it predicts the imminent death of a close friend or a relative.

To see a young boy or girl with gray hair portends loss. Perhaps, your lover will break up with you. With the utmost care a woman should treat such dream, because problems can occur through her fault.

If a young person sees gray haired women, it is a hint to beware of rivals, as she risks losing her sweetheart.

If you see that your whole body is covered with hair, then perhaps you are overly indulged in body pleasures, and this can lead to problems in communicating with surrounding.

Black curly hair is a symbolic reflection of flirtation and seduction. If a young woman sees such a dream - she may be a victim of a love affair. For a man, such a dream foreshadows that he will drive ladies out of their minds.

Red hair represents impermanence. If a young man dreams that his beloved has red hair, then he should be ready for envy.

Snow-white hair bodes that fate will be benevolent to you.

Different colors of hair for a woman promise problems in making a right choice. If she is well-balanced, then she might change her life for better. To see luxuriant hair means well-being. Neat hairstyle portends luck.

If your haircut is very short, you may have financial trouble because of own profusion.

Disheveled hair means that problems in business and family life will follow you.

The dream in which you shave or trim own hair warns that you should be prepared for the deception and disappointment.

If your hair starts to fall out - it means serious monetary problems.

If a man touches woman’s curls, it is a good sign. This dream promises him a mutual love with a good woman, who will be faithful with him.

A dream in which your hair is decorated with flowers portends avoidance of troubles. Decoration of white flowers advises to strengthen own will and prepare spirit to various short-term difficulties.

Golden hair indicates dignity and courage of a person you love. Brown hair portends failures for the dreamer. Soft fluffy hair in beautiful hairstyle means unlimited happiness.

Gray hair and youthful face of the dreamer- promises him/her troubles, and possible loss or disease, in case he/she is not careful.

If you see many people with black hair and one with white, it portends that you will have a favorite child. But for a woman such a dream foreshadows worries and concern because of husband.

If hair becomes curly very fast, it is a harbinger of serious changes in life; change of point of view; your folks will not recognize you anymore.

Braided hair means care of posterity; you build long-term plans and your children bring you joy and peace.

If your hair is dirty, with parasites or of unnatural color, it always symbolizes negative psychology of a dreamer.

If hair is visible on the chest– it means health, hair on the palms can bring you trouble.

Old woman without hair foretells poverty, hunger and disease; on the contrary bald old man foretells good luck.

If your comb breaks, it portends difficulties. If you dye your hair, it signals of emptiness and delusion.