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Halberd - Meaning of Dream

If you see a halberd in the dream – be ready to lose something precious. This dream is just a warning and it requires paying closer attention to your belongings. It doesn’t mean some major loss, so you don’t need to hide all your belongings into safe deposit.

If you break a halberd, it means that soon you will face a difficult choice, which will influence your future a lot. You are on the verge of changes and everything depends on you. Whether you make correct decision or not, your life will not be the same anymore. The correctness of your choice will only influence the time of your goal reaching. If you do everything right, you will get a lot at once and will easily continue your life. If you neglect this decision you will struggle for many years before you see your goal on the horizon.

The dream where you learn how to use a halberd or teach somebody else how to use it – warns you to be ready for financial loss. Perhaps you didn’t notice that recently you spend a lot of money for unnecessary things, and now it is time to pay for your actions.

If you see other person holding a halberd, it means that you will have a patron in your life. This person will defend and support you. You can rely on him in any deal, and be sure that he will never betray you.