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Hall - Meaning of Dream

A hall is a symbol of celebration. Such dreams are considered to be festive and solemn, as it is related to joy and celebration.

Dreaming of a hall, in which the celebration takes place, tells that your will experience boundless joy and, of course, something important will occur and in your life.

If such a dream is seen by unmarried girl, it foretells that soon she will get married and her marriage will be successful. If the dreamer is a married lady, it bodes that in reality she will have a nice surprise.

The interpretation of hall leads only to enjoyable and positive emotions, so a dreamer should be happy to see such a dream.

If you see a funeral in the hall, it tells that a person, who was in a coffin, will live happily ever after, and you will visit some pleasant ceremony or a concert.

Waiting room at the station promises you a trip, which will lead you to your loved one with whom you are going to live a happy life.

A concert hall where you listen to the classical music, this dream promises hasteless course of life without any changes.

A concert hall with contemporary music portends great changes in addition to pleasant meetings.

It is worth remembering what your mood during the dream was. If you felt disgusts, because of ugly hall, it tells that you should reconsider own social circle. If you like to be in a comfortable hall, it tells that you do everything right and people praise you.

If a beautiful hall is suddenly engulfed in flames, it bodes that in reality you will perform a responsible step that will lead you to success.

If a hall in a dream is unfamiliar to you, it tells that soon you will go off on a journey, where you will surely get many pleasant impressions.

A huge hall, in which you feel lonely and unnoticed, indicates that in reality you're too shy and unpretentious. You should plead your rights in order to look more convincing before other people’s eyes. If you see yourself at the doorway of a hall, it portends the visit of a rich person, whose help you need.

If you examine the ceiling and the walls of the hall, it tells that you are not fully satisfied with the status quo. You aspire to obtain more rights and freedom of action without fear of liability.

If you came into the hall where all the seats were occupied, in fact, your limitations make you be unobtrusive. Trying to draw the attention of others, to earn credibility, you support someone else's opinion, presenting it as your own.

Dancing hall is a harbinger of the desired meeting; training hall portends new. You are very lucky if you are a guest of honor or the owner of a hall. If reality to are destined to have unshakable public respect and high incomes.