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Hammock - Meaning of Dream

Hammock in the dream symbolizes the instability of the situation. Your plans are not based on a firm belief; it is based on assumptions that could crumble at any moment. Swinging in a hammock tells that your indecision bothers you in the implementation of many projects. In addition, you have very passive approach to business that may end in failure; or someone else will show more initiative and will be active of your business partners, so you stay without profit.

If you can’t get out of hammock, in the dream book of Miller, it is interpreted as a harbinger of serious disease. Your recovery is going to be prolonged. If you fall out of a hammock, it signals that you will get trapped because of own negligence.

If you lie down in a hammock and read a newspaper, Vanga interprets it not as a carefree real life. On the contrary, you would have to do several things at once, so that nothing is missed. If you dream that you just can’t stay in a swinging hammock, in upcoming future, you will need to take resolute decision, but because of own indecision, you are going to make a lot of errors.

Swinging in a hammock in Freud's dream book is interpreted as indifference in intimate relationships. You need to reconsider own position, or else your loved one will find sexual pleasures outside. If you see a large hammock, it signifies that your sexual desires are insatiable.

If a hammock is empty, it bodes that you won’t be able to have fun and entertain yourself.

To tear a hammock unintentionally – soon you will experience a pleasant surprise.